Creative has the biggest impact on campaign performance.

That’s why we developed Digilocity Unlimited. A monthly subscription that delivers new content every month, repurposed from your existing assets to save you money and keep your media dollars working.

Go Unlimited.

A flat-rate subscription that delivers hand-built creative from our expert motion design team using your existing assets.


Flat Monthly Rate

Budget for each month knowing your exact creative production costs.

Cancel Anytime

No long term commitment, pay month to month on most plans. 

Best In Class Designers

Unlimited access to our team of strategists and designers.

Streamline Requests

Use our custom system to place requests, provide edits and download final assets.

Research & Development

Iterate ad creative at any point in the campaign cycle to improve performance.

Repurpose Assets

Always have a fresh stream of content available.

What's Included?

The subscription includes static or videos ads from 6-30 seconds long and optimized for all major platforms and formats. 

Depending on your plan, you can have up to two active orders at once. An order is considered active until all creative variants have been approved. 

Businesses often have a library of brand assets such as photos, videos, logos and more. If they just use a single product photo in an ad, it most likely won’t stand out online. We take those assets and optimize them into beautiful short-form video ads to achieve your marketing objectives. 

No long term commitment! Digilocity Unlimited is month to month.

The subscription is optimized for advertisers with a heavy volume of digital social marketing and are consistently in need of new creative content.

A Digilocity Unlimited Subscription starts at $5,000 USD per month. Click ‘Get Started’ above to create an account and see pricing.


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