KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Mobile Ad Campaign

Assets Used: Commercial (TVC), Stock Images & Existing Video


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has been a frontrunner in sustainable aviation for years, being the recent number 1 for aviation in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Despite that ranking, the company realized that a sustainable future is only possible together with all stakeholders involved.  


In 2019, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched Fly Responsibly; KLM’s commitment in taking a leading role in creating a more sustainable future for aviation aimed at making all parties; customers, other airlines, the industry and partners aware of this shared responsibility. KLM wanted to communicate all of these concepts to an audience on social whose viewing habits were traditionally much shorter than on other platforms like Youtube. Furthermore, KLM wanted to share this message across markets involving 10+ languages while integrating dynamic creative that delivered based on language preference. 


Digilocity developed a strategy that included rolling out a five piece narrative which was successively retargeted to viewers one by one after each viewer completed watching a certain portion of the previous asset. Assets were optimized for desktop, mobile and stories to be able to deliver on whichever platform a user was engaging on. Furthermore, with the help of a technology partner, Digilocity built assets that allowed for language to be done nominally changed out based on location and language preferences of each user, resulting in one streamlined campaign that could be used globally. 

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